Hospitality & Tourism

Your brand front-and-centre

Your brand first

Laser Engraving specialises in providing high quality, cost effective services to the hospitality and tourism industry. Whether your customers are dining at the table, or tasting vintages at the cellar door; we help place your brand front-and-centre in a permanent and tasteful way.

We have extensive experience with products and materials widely used in eating establishments such as restaurants, cafes, and bars. We know what products last, and how they wear, and are here to advise you on the best match of product to your current environment and customer demographic. We'll work closely with you to get your design on-brand, on-message, and out to you as efficiently as possible. 

The information below showcases some of our most popular services and products. So please feel free to have a browse though and take a quick look at our retail catalogue as a starting point. We are happy to discuss engraving your own products, or the viability of anything else you may have in mind, so please feel free to contact us with any queries.

Wood Boards

Cheese Boards

Serve cheese, antipasto, and cold cuts on wood cheese boards for an authentic close-to-source mise en scene. We can engrave your brand into boards up to 600mm x 450mm. Contact us for quotes on large surface engraving, or bulk orders.

Serving Platters

A popular choice for higher end presentation of signature dishes.  Bamboo boards for sashimi and sushi, pine and more rustic boards for gourmet hamburgers, and steak. We stock a variety of types and styles, and can also engrave your own stock.



Reinforce your identify at the cellar door, and add an extra touch of class at the table with a tastefully placed laser etched logo. Laser Engraving has a selection of tried and tested glassware for you to choose from in addition to our standard retail catalogue.


General glassware for bars, restaurants, and clubs can take a larger more prominent engraving due to their straight sides and stranger structure,  making for an ideal vehicle to push your brand and encougage your customers to remember and spread the word.

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