Metal Marking

Laser Metal Marking

metal marking on memorial plaque

With the use of a proprietary compound, we can permanently laser mark steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, that results in a black, high quality mark that is extremely durable and resistant to extreme heat and anything an outdoor environment can throw at it.

Products laser marked in this fashion have an extremely long life, compared to other more traditional means of marking. The marking has been shown to be resistant to heavy abrasion and extreme heat, withstanding use in industrial plant, and long duration exposure to a blow torch. It is also resistant to mild acids and tends to add a protective coating to the marked area.

Uses and Applications


sinng marking and engraving

Great for outdoor or high traffic environments. Laser marked signage is a modern look on a classic material and produces clean, crisp, long lasting images. Used for garden displays, events and expos as well as indoor and outdoor directional signs.

Memorials and Plaques

memorial plaques and signs

Stainless Steel memorial plaques are relatively new, but have been extremely popular. Unlike bronze, stone and marble, stainless steel is more resistant to our more acidic rain and much easier to clean. As our marking is permanent, it will not fade over time like printing or painting.

Branding and Identification

branding on your items

We are happy to add your brand or identification mark to metal components or gifts items. Amongst a range of items, we have successfully marked tool bits, portable smokers, and thermos flasks.