Acrylic / Perspex - CastAwards, signage and other objects requiring a classic etched look.

acrylic and perspex engraving or etching

Acrylic or Perspex produces an etched effect similar to etched glass. It yields a frosted white, rough texture. It is usually engraved 1mm - 2mm deep, but there is the option of just having a surface etch. Etched acrylic produces some stunning results when lit from the side, or positioned in front of a dark background.

WoodPlaques, chopping boards, coasters and branded gift objects.

wood engraving

Wood, MDF, and ply engrave with a classic branded look. Edges have a sharp definition and a consistent result across the entire engraving.. Our most commonly engraved wooden items are gift boxes, chopping boards and memorial casks. Smoke damage can occur, but as long as the wood isn't oiled we can prevent this with paper masking.

Anodised AluminiumName plates, signage, product identification.

anodised engraving

Anodised aluminium and steel engrave to either a whitish colour or down to the bare metal. The method used to coat the metal determines what the effect will be. Usually this isn't known until we engrave a test piece. Machine plates, gun parts, and computer cases are the most common obects engraved.

Composite PlasticEngraves through one layer to show the underlying one. Many uses.

laminate engraving

We have an extensive range of dual layered composite plastics. These are typically used in electrical and plumbing tags, signage and awards, but we have found many creative uses for them over the years. We both cut and engrave these plastics. They cut much like acrylic and can take any shape you require. We then engrave away section of the top layer, as your design requires, to expose the underlying colour.

GlassDrinking glassware, bottles and smaller glass objects

glass engraving or etching

We use the laser to make microscopic abrasions on the surface of the glass. This produces a frosted white textured effect, similar to sandblasting, but a lot more cost effective. Bold simple designs take well to glass, though we have produced some very elegant presentations for weddings and other refined occasions.

Stainless SteelSigns and plaques as well as metal object identification and branding.

metal marking and engraving

We use a proprietary technology to permanently mark bare plains and stainless steel. We can also mark aluminium if it meets certain standards. This marking is weatherproof and very hardy, perfect for outdoor use or in tough environments. Please see our dedicated section for more information.