Materials Cutting


Laser cut acrylic and perspex

Acrylic and CO2 lasers were made for each other. We can cut up to 6mm thick sheet stock with crisp, clean lines and a flame polished finish. We commonly hold Clear, Black, White and Mirrored in stock, but are happy to supply a range of colours at your request. Some specialist colours may need to be imported.

Composite Plastic

laser cut rowmark and plastic

We have an extensive range of dual layered composite plastics. These are typically used in signage and awards, but we have found many creative uses for them over the years. We both cut and engrave these plastics. They cut much like acrylic and can take any shape you require. We then engrave away section of the top layer, as your design requires, to expose the underlying colour.


laser cut wood

Wood and MDF cut very well at low thicknesses. This is generally restricted to 3mm and under, as thicker wood may char and loose its edge. This is great for inlays, signage and marquetry. We have also produced gift boxes and architectural models from this material.

Paper and Card

laser cut card and paper

Paper and card stock cuts quite well with a laser, though there may be some slight colouring on the cut edges. Ideal for greeting cards and architectural models. We have exclusive deals with many providers in the bookbinding industry and produce a quantity of photo album mats and casing templates